Last Weekend in Busan and Korea for a bit

Gwangali Beach from Sharky's Bar and Grill

We made the most of our last couple days in Busan by meeting up with as many friends as possible. We went on a hike in the very scenic Igidae park.

Gwangali and Diamond Bridge view from Igidae Park

The trail is very easy and hugs the coast the whole time for great views.

Shannon with Diamond Bridge and Gwangali in the background DSC_0108

It’s mid-May but still a little too chilly for swimming


There are also seafood vendors who will serve you up fresh seafood right on the cliffs.


At night, we met with even more friends to celebrate our friend’s, Sarah H, birthday.

DSC_0140 DSC_0141

Here’s a group photo in front of the restaurant


We made sure to head back to our old neighborhood, Suyeong, where we lived for almost all of 2013.



I also met up with my old students to eat some dinner.


After 4 days in Busan seeing friends, visiting our old neighborhood and seeing my old academy and students, it was time for us to head back to America. We’ve been gone now for over 15 months and face the hardest part about working and living abroad – re-entry. Wish us luck and stay posted…

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