The Gorgeous Beaches around Sydney

Bondi Beach, Australia

We took a bus out to Bondi beach on a very pretty day. The water was a little chilly for us Floridians but the waves were a lot of fun.

Shannon and Stephen at Bondi Beach, Australia Derrick at Bondi Beach, Australia

We set up our beach gear (mat, sarong, speakers) and got some sun to warm up before taking a swim.

Bondi Beach, Australia

After lunch at a restaurant right next to the sand, we decided to go for a walk along the coast.

Crab on Bondi Beach, Australia

Shannon near Tamarama Beach, Australia

After a little bit of walking, we came across Tamarama beach. The cool water and crashing waves was a nice retreat after.

Shannon on Tamarama Beach, Australia

Here’s a GoPro video of me swimming.

Here are my favorite pics of the beach upon approach

Tamarama Beach, Australia Tamarama Beach, Australia

This was our favorite beach on the walk. It is not big at all so it might get crowded on weekends, but today it was perfect.

Stephen near Tamarama Beach, Australia

Here’s another view as we left to continue our walk south on the coast.

Tamarama Beach, Australia

Continuing on our walk we saw some kids in rugby practice

Rugby Practice in New South Wales, Australia

At our final stop on the walk, we did some snorkeling before catching a bus back to Sydney.

Snorkeling on Tamarama Beach, Australia

For dinner, we met up with our friend Paco, who we met in South Korea in 2009 when Shannon was a teacher the first time around. What kind of food did we eat? Korean of course!

Darling Harbour with Paco

After a Korean feast, we had a couple drinks together. Here’s a picture of Paco and I back in 2009 in Korea

Paco and Stephen in Busan, South Korea

Darling Harbour is the area we had dinner and drinks

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